Youth Family Nutrition Program active in Putnam County schools

Monday, April 4, 2011

Many have had the opportunity to meet Sophia Spencer who came on board in the Purdue Extension-Putnam County office last fall as the Youth Family Nutrition Program Assistant. Spencer is a part-time staff person who visits the grade one through six classrooms using a curriculum called Professor Popcorn.

To participate in the program, the school must have fifty percent or more of youth eligible for free or reduced lunch. Nearly all of the primary, elementary, or intermediate Putnam County schools qualify for her to work within their classroom.

Professor Popcorn is a fun curriculum which helps children develop positive, healthy eating choices. Too often sugary and/or salty quick convenient snacks are consumed by children that result in early health concerns like high blood pressure or diabetes.

A number of fruit or vegetable alternative snacks are far healthier for children. Spencer states, "If we can develop good eating habits and physical activity in children at a young age, they will be much more likely to continue making positive nutritional and healthy choices as adults."

During a recent presentation at Deer Meadow Primary in Mrs. Worman's classroom, Spencer utilized an interactive felt board of good snack choices. She also helped the children contrast various fruits and vegetables. Children in the class also sampled and experienced a classroom snack of assorted berries, fruits, and vegetables that are both quick and easy snack choices.

Other classroom activities included identifying healthy activities such that one can become and remain a healthy person.

Since her mid-November start, Spencer spent the first six weeks in her position organizing and developing teaching materials while also contacting teachers to schedule classroom visits. During the first quarter of 2011, Spencer has taught and conducted more than one hundred class visits. Typically she will visit a class five times to complete the curriculum. Spencer is also available to home school and other youth groups where the children are typically in grades one through six and again where more than half are eligible (not necessarily participating in) free or reduced lunch programs.

The Youth FNP program is funded by a grant administered by Purdue University's Family Nutrition Program in the College of Health and Human Sciences from the US Department of Agriculture.

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