Letter to the Editor

Like the proverbial rats in the corncrib

Friday, July 1, 2011

To the Editor:

This Letter to the Editor is in response to a blog by your intern, Andrew Kelly. He did a great job stirring up the community ...

Dear Andrew,

Yes, Big Government is making the tobacco companies put gross pictures on their cigarette packaging. Maybe that's because they won't pay for the death and family destruction they create selling their "so-called" glamorous products.

At least now they have less than half the package to make them look appealing, like the Camel No. 9 package from a couple of years ago. I'm sure that wasn't designed to catch the eye of young ladies.

Or maybe it's because Big Government is not believing that tobacco products are not that addictive as many tobacco companies CEOs repeatedly testify before Congress. Recently a tobacco executive testified that it wasn't that hard to quit.

Soon the FDA will have proof to show that Tobacco Companies add more deadly chemicals in their products just to make them more difficult to quit.

Big Tobacco companies are "the rats in the corncrib." Let into the corn during two world wars when they showed how patriotic they were by giving away free cigarettes to the troops, thus addicting about 75 percent of the adult population. Rats are almost impossible to get rid of in a corncrib. Does that mean we should just quit trying?

Dave Newgent

Owen County Tobacco

Prevention and Cessation