Letter to the Editor

Lake residents don't want to pay double

Friday, July 1, 2011

To the Editor:

This letter is to voice the opinions of many of the people at Heritage Lake regarding the board of directors revisiting the issue of resurfacing the county roads through the Barrett Law.

The county owns these roads, and they are in need of maintenance, but do you want to pay for them to be resurfaced?

In 2009, the property owners unanimously voted down this project. We pay taxes to the county through the wheel tax and gasoline tax, and in my view, we definitely would be paying double if Heritage Lake adopts the responsibility of the maintenance of these county roads.

Property owners brought their lots/home at Heritage Lake knowing that the road maintenance was the responsibility of Putnam County, and that this area was not a gated community nor do the majority of property owners want a gated community -- if so, they would have bought at Geist!

I have been talking to many property owners, and not one has voiced their opinion in favor of this project.

So I have a suggestion for Mr. Salm and Mr. Schneider. If you are so adamant in getting your roads repaired, approach your neighbors and ask for donations from them to resurface your roads and leave the rest of us alone!

The need for four inches of expensive blacktop for children and grandchildren to rollerblade on is certainly not a valid reason for the entire community to spend money they don't have in this negative economy.

After all, these are county roads, not playgrounds.

Robin D. Campbell

Heritage Lake