Letter to the Editor

Standing up for peace still important

Friday, September 16, 2011

To the Editor:

Recently, a letter to the editor in the Banner Graphic pointed out that the courthouse lawn protesters are missing. We are still at war, but they are missing in action. Then came the question, "If you were here for President Bush, why not for President Obama?"

It's an excellent question. I speak only for myself. My answer is I believed the new president when he said he would get us out of Iraq. After he took office, Pres. Obama said he would bring our young men and women home and close Guantanamo prison. He just needed a little time.

I decided to give him a chance. I put my sign away and waited. My fellow Patriots for Peace did the same. It was a mistake.

Here we are, still in two wars with no real end in sight. As our country goes broke and our volunteers endure hardships and danger in repeated tours of duty, our generals tell us we can't cut defense spending or we'll face disaster. We will face war forever if we leave it up to the generals. That looks like disaster to me.

Since we ended our demonstrations, I have moved to another state. In my new town a seasoned group of war protesters spends an hour every Saturday on the corners of a busy intersection where they bear witness for peace. They have been meeting at the same time and place for more than eight years.

A few months ago I introduced myself and joined their vigils. It's important to stand up for peace on a street corner in a small town or on the courthouse lawn in Putnam County.

I hope Greencastle Patriots for Peace will pick up their signs and take the high ground again. Americans are eager for peace. It's time we started making some noise so our leaders will hear us.

Margo Bode

Formerly of Greencastle