Hard loss for Greencastle girls soccer on senior morning

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Greencastle girls soccer team didn't quite get what they were hoping for Saturday at Dee Monnett Field as the Brown County Eagles handed them a 5-0 loss at their last regular season home game.

As customary on the last home game, GHS recognizes the seniors from the girls' soccer team. Surrounded by their friends and families, Seniors Mackenzie Meyer and Sarah Beams walked onto the field arm and arm with their parents as the announcer read aloud their many accomplishments.

Throughout their high school careers Beams and Meyer both had athletic and academic achievements that would make most kids envious. They not only are leaders on the soccer field but in the classroom as well.

Both girls rank high in the top 10 percent of their graduating class. During the festivities, Meyer noted it was pretty neat to start and finish her high school career with the same number and the same coach, where Beams said one of her favorite soccer memories was when Coach McKee sang the Itsy-Bitsy Spider to the team in the pouring rain.

The Senior Morning ceremony ended and the teams took to the field. Fans noticed a slight change in the line-up as both seniors were not in their normal positions and were standing at the top of the center circle in the forward position.

"Something I always do for the Seniors on their Senior Night is to put them up front," Head Coach Maurice McKee noted. "I wanted to give them a chance to score on their home field at their last regular season game."

Unfortunately for the Lady Tiger Cubs, Brown County came to ruin their special day. Less than five minutes into the game, the Eagles put the ball right where they planned, in Greencastle's net. GHS looked to have a classic case of the Saturday morning jitters as the teams reset and continued to play. Brown County continually forced shots and managed to score another goal a few minutes later. A frustrated Greencastle team tried to rally back. Slowly the team moved back to their more familiar line-up and subs began replacing players. GHS allowed only one more goal in the first half, ending it at 3-0.

The second half began and GHS came out wanting more. They weren't happy being the losing team. Interestingly enough as the subs rotated in and out Greencastle didn't seem to lose any momentum.

The subs did just what they were meant to do, come in and play 100 percent for as long as they could and then sub back out. At one time or another during the game Coach McKee played his entire team. Every girl on the got to play in their last regular season home game.

After Brown County scored their fourth goal, GHS made a goalie change. JV goalie Taylor Stout played her first Varsity game in the goal as Sydney Secrest took the field with fresh legs and became a weapon. Greencastle stacked the middle and began pushing the ball forward and taking more shots on the Brown County goal.

Even Secrest got a shot off. However, Brown County didn't want to give up their lead and ended up scoring another goal with ten minutes left in the game.

"The score didn't reflect how much better these girls are playing," Coach McKee stated. "What they don't know is how this team did against previous teams we've played. For me, knowing that and seeing what our girls did, I'm very pleased with how they played. We've still got some work to do but so does every other team out there."

Brown County looked to be one of the more aggressive teams GHS has played over the last few games. Greencastle had to step up and play a tougher game. They had to play smarter soccer by moving the ball to open spaces, making sharp passes and working together as a team. Greencastle tried but just fell short as the Eagles beat them 5-0.