Letter to the Editor

Amazed by Airport Appreciation Days

Friday, October 14, 2011

To the Editor:

Recently I attended the annual Airport Awareness Day event that your airport hosted. I attended the event with my son as well as a co-worker and his two children. I wanted to write to you to express my astonishment of the magnitude of the event.

I have been working in the airport design and engineering industry for over 12 years. Over my history in this industry I have attended hundreds of airport awareness day events at airports throughout Indiana and Ohio. I can honestly say that I have never attended an event at a general aviation airport that has coordinated an event of this magnitude. The event brought dozens of local interest groups and businesses together to provide a particularly amazing festival for the entire community for not just one day but for an entire weekend.

The way in which your airport pooled all of the local resources together to host a festival for the entire community was simply amazing! I was shocked to see the level of involvement and effort orchestrated for the event.

Many airports host an annual fly-in breakfast or Airport Awareness Day event that does a great job at bringing the local community to the airport for aviation activities for a single day. Your airport hosted an event that spanned three days and brought the entire community together for an extended festival at the airport.

I truly loved the way there was a diverse array of activities to attract a wide variety of people at different times over the weekend's activities. The unique items that I especially liked were the outdoor movie that was televised on the hanger wall and the banquet theatre production.

I applaud the airport and all of those individuals that contributed to hosting the event this year! Please continue to grow the event for not just your local community but to continue to exemplify aviation and the vast resources that it impacts.

Your aviation friend,

Corey Harper, Airport Technician

Butler, Fairman & Seufert

Civil Engineers