Election filing period begins today

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

With the election bug having already stirred the people of Iowa and New Hampshire, the 2012 election process begins a bit more quietly today in Indiana.

From precinct committeemen up to the governor, election season officially opened at 8:30 a.m. with the beginning of election filing season. Any candidate wishing to appear on the May 8 primary election ballot must file between now and noon on Friday, Feb. 10.

The primary election is open to individuals seeking to become the Democratic or Republican party candidates in November for offices including President of the United States, Governor, U.S. Senator, U.S. House of Representatives, Indiana General Assembly Senators and Representatives and the Putnam County offices of auditor, treasurer, coroner, commissioner and council.

Party delegates, as well as precinct committeemen, will also be on the May ballot.

Those seeking county office need to register at the office of the Putnam County Clerk, on the second floor of the courthouse. To appear on the primary ballot, candidates need only to be registered Putnam County voters by 30 days prior to the primary.

Anyone wishing to run as an independent has until noon July 2 to register.

Only candidates seeking to represent the Democratic and Republican Party in the November General Election run in Indiana's Primary Election.

Candidates intending to represent the Libertarian Party, independent and minor party candidates, and write-in candidates, for the November election must meet specific qualification requirements and file their declaration of candidacy with the Election Division at various deadlines no later than July 16, 2012.

Candidates for Lt. Governor, Attorney General and Superintendent of Public Instruction do not run in the Primary Election, but are instead, nominated by their political parties at caucus meetings.

For state offices, declarations of candidacy and petition signatures, if required, can be filed at the Indiana Election Division office on the second floor of the Indiana Government Center South Building (302 W. Washington St., Room E 204, Indianapolis) or at the Secretary of State's office in the Indiana Statehouse (Room 201).

There are no fees for filing to become a candidate for any elected position in Indiana.

Positions to appear on the 2012 ballot in Putnam County include:

Primary and General Election
* U.S. President
* U.S. Senator
* Governor
* U.S. Representative District 4
* State Senator District 24 (Russell, Franklin, Jackson, Clinton, Monroe, Floyd, Madison, Greencastle, Marion townships)
* State Senator District 37 (Washington, Warren, Jefferson, Cloverdale townships)
* State Representative District 44
* County Auditor
* County Treasurer
* County Coroner
* County Commissioner District 1 (represents Jackson, Franklin, Russell, Floyd, Monroe townships)
* County Commissioner District 3 (Washington, Warren, Jefferson, Cloverdale townships)
* County Council at-large (three positions)

Primary election only
* Delegates
* Precinct Committeemen

General election only
* Attorney general
* Superintendent of Public Instruction
Cloverdale School Board
* Cloverdale Township
* Jackson Township (Owen Co.)
South Putnam School Board
* At-Large
* Marion Township
* Washington Township
North Putnam School Board
* At-Large
* Franklin Township
* Monroe Township
* Russell Township

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