Letter to the Editor

Gilbert family thanks community for support

Friday, March 30, 2012

To the community:

Many months ago (feels like years ago ...) my life changed at 32 years old when I was diagnosed with stage two papillary thyroid cancer. This diagnosis caused extreme disruption in my ability and stability to sustain life as I, and my three children, knew it. But just as quickly as it all seemed to be falling apart, the blessings were being revealed!

Blessings more abundant in my life, in every area of my life were pouring out! I whole heartedly believe that God has shown up in my time of need and that His grace and mercy are very evident in my life; the proof is not only in all of the experiences I have delighted in on my own time but even more so, the proof is YOU!

So many wonderful people fueled by amazing love have been part of this blessed journey. On this journey there have been "faces" in my life that have become dear "friends" in my life. Family and friend relationships have been restored and strengthened. All the love, support and encouragement that has been poured out on me and my family during what should of been one of the most horrifying times of our lives -- instead we have been embraced with peace, love and unexplainable, unimaginable joy -- all because of all the people that were willing to act out of love and kindness.

From every prayer spoken, to every flyer hung (recent Zumbathon), every meal prepared, every monetary or food donation given, to all the smiles and encouraging words exchanged -- all these things made a blessing, by you. My Life Spring Christian Church family, my Dance Workshop Zumba family, all the staff and volunteers of the Greencastle Christian Church family (which with the leadership of Martha Sanders organized a very successful Zumbathon) my wonderful family and friends (new and old), a community that is there to embrace in the time of need -- I know all of these blessings are a huge part in what has given me the determination to attack "my situation" with positivity, strength, endurance and perseverance.

So I hope that when I say two simple words "thank you." You will know it is said with an abundant, inconceivable, unimaginable, level of appreciation. Thank you for being part of my life and letting me be part of yours, allowing for me to bless you too. By far that's the greatest of any blessing I will ever receive!

Nikki Gilbert and Family