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IU Honors Program allows two local students chance to study abroad

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Landon Miller
Not many students can say that while in high school they were able to study in a foreign country for seven weeks of their summer.

However, two Greencastle High School students recently were accepted to the IU Honors Program, which will allow them to travel to France and Spain this summer.

GHS juniors Reba Chapple and Landon Miller are the two lucky students who passed college-level placement tests and interviews that will allow them an opportunity to study abroad.

"The first step is that you have to pass a college-level placement test," Chapple said. "I applied, and was then asked to come in for an interview."

Both Chapple and Miller took the placement test for their respective language courses, French and Spanish. They also had to fill out a lengthy and complicated application before being asked to interview.

Chapple was placed as an alternate student and was not accepted into the program right away. However, due to another student making the decision not to go, Chapple was accepted to study in St. Brieuc, France.

Miller, who received word of his acceptance back in February, will be traveling to Leon, Spain, starting June 9. Spanish students were able to choose between Mexico and Spain for their travels.

"I wanted to go to Spain," Miller explained. "But I didn't have a specific location in Spain that I wanted to go."

Reba Chapple
Students from all over Indiana, as part of the honors program, will live with a host family for seven weeks where they will then attend classes such as such as geography, culture and grammar. Their afternoons will consist of supervised extracurricular activities.

Not only will Chapple and Miller have the challenge of living in a foreign country away from their families, they will also be forced to speak the native language at all times.

"I'm not allowed to speak English while I'm there," Chapple said. "If you're blatantly not speaking French, they could kick you out of the program."

While many young students might find that a daunting task, both students believe it will be one of the best parts of their trip.

"My overall goal is to become fluent in Spanish," Miller said. "I think just being in an environment where I'm hearing Spanish and I'm not allowed to speak anything but it will allow me to really concentrate on learning."

Now both Miller and Chapple are seeking ways to raise money to help fund their travels.

"The trip itself is $4,500 plus airfare," Chapple said. "I would love to try and raise all of the money, but whatever I can raise is great."

Students have until May 14 to come up with the funding. Chapple is attempting to plan fundraising events such as a chili supper to help out, but is waiting for the school's approval to do so.

To help fund Chapple or Miller's trip, persons may contact aber0712@gmail.com or lmiller555@gmail.com.

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