Fillmore to add extension to People Pathways trail

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Fillmore Town Council kept its monthly meeting short and sweet on Thursday evening.

Joy Marley of People Pathways came before the council to discuss the new extension to the existing People Pathway.

"There's such an opportunity to use this for a positive purpose," explained Marley. "I'm proud of this, it's an initiative to pass it on."

No tax dollars will be used for the building of the new pathway. The organization has applied for and received several grants to help fund the project.

The new path will connect to the existing Greencastle-Fillmore trail starting at 475 East, ending at First Street. It will be roughly three-fourths of a mile, but will connect to Hendricks County line.

"We've reclaimed the former Vandalia Railroad corridor," explained Marley. "The thing I try to express to people is that this is a reclamation. This is an area that has previously been abused."

It is unclear the exact start date of the project, but the new trial will include an adjacent horse trail.

"The packed stone pathway will be for walkers, runners and bicyclers. The parallel trail will be just a grassy vegetation area that will be for horses," explained Marley. "This is our first attempt to do this. We're trying to allow different uses and yet separate uses so there aren't conflicts of interest."

The trail will be built by Stevenson Excavating and is expected to be completed by late summer.

Meanwhile, as the heat wave continues, Fillmore has decided to extend the burn ban. The ban will remain effect until the county retracts its own ban.

The Independence Day holiday may be over, but that has not stopped people from lighting off fireworks at any time of night.

Council member Curt Leonard asked members to set a limit which to how on when community residents must stop lighting fireworks.

The council decided that an 11:30 p.m. time limit was sufficient. This new limit will go into effect during the 2013 year.

Finally, the council has decided to advertise its police car for bids. The council agreed that the car, which needs front-end repair and has 150,000 miles, would be listed with a minimum base price of $800.

The council will open the bids received at next month's meeting.

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