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Library looks to replace computers

Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's time for the Putnam County Library to keep up with technology and replace computers.

Wednesday Night Library Director Alice Greenburg presented the library board with a plan to replace 14 computers, all of which are for public use and are over five years old, for a total of $15,000.

"It's time to replace the computers that we have for the public," explained Greenburg. "They're old and all based on Windows XP."

Greenburg suggested participating in the Net Literacy program, which would provide 14 refurbished computers for free. However, the refurbished computers would provide little change.

"Windows XP is not supported very well right now and it's going to be phased out," Greenburg said. "They (the refurbished computers) wouldn't be an upgrade to what we have now besides the Windows 7. They are a direct replacement of what we have now."

On the current computers Windows 7 is unable to run due to memory constraints. Increasing the memory on the refurbished computers would cost $4,000-$6,000.

The board discussed a compromise: purchasing some new computers as well as taking some of the refurbished ones to lower cost.

However, after much discussion the board decided to look into purchasing all new systems.

"I would far prefer something with a warranty," board member Lisa McCoy said. "Being a technical education teacher for years and working with refurbished computers -- they were junk. We could really get burned that way."

It is expected that a new Windows operating system will be introduced within the next two years.

The board decided to go with new computers and, if need be, spend the money to upgrade the memory on the new systems.

The board then reviewed the projected 2013 budget, which was constructed with help from Greenburg.

She stated that the projected growth quotient is an added 2.8 percent, or a total of $27,665.

"I put all of the increase in the operating fund," said Greenburg. "We always increase as much as the government will allow."

The money will be added in such categories as books, e-books, supplies and utilities.

The library will hold its public hearing on the budget during next month's board meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 22 at 6 p.m.

After the budget goes through a public hearing it will then be moved to the county council for review in September and eventually be adopted in October.

The library recently received a $250 grant from Wal-Mart in recognition of W.T. Watson's volunteer service in local history over the past year.

"This is our third service grant in recognition of service," said Greenburg. "It's fairly common when one of their (Wal-Mart) employees volunteers somewhere."

The board also reviewed the Internet safety policy, which has not changed from the previous year. However, it is required that an annual review be done each year.

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