Letter to the Editor

Something fishy about Albin Pond project

Friday, July 27, 2012

To the Editor:

In reference to the Albin Pond Project:

I am a concerned person in regard to the draining and replacement of the spillway and dam.

Will this be open to the public now, due to taxpayer dollars being used to fix this? Also, about the odor and fish kill, it was terrible, who said there wasn't much must have had blinders on and earplugs up their nose all the time they were there.

I went downstream from there, and you could hardly stand the smell for a few days. Also, I saw several dead fish just lying around dying, not just one- or two-inch minnows.

Also, what about the Pathway out here? I was told it was all going to be reseeded and mowed and fixed properly. Haven't seen much of this yet, just some mowing and weed eating now and then.

I guess if this were all down in the DePauw area, it would get a great deal more of attention.

Just wanted to get this off my mind! Thanks, a taxpaying citizen.

Earl Lancaster