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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Heath and Molly find a 'true' sound on new record

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Music Critic

Through two solo albums, Heath Eric has established a reputation for personal, heart-on-the-sleeve roots rock.

With the release of this summer's "TRUTH?", released with wife Molly G as Heath and Molly, listeners get even more insight to the Kentucky artists, namely what beautiful music a husband and wife songwriting and performing duo can make.

"'TRUTH?' is the best work of our lives," the couple said in a release. "After three years of creation and production, we are more excited than ever to see 'TRUTH?' come to life and to be able to release a passionate product of our work into the world."

The couple has performed live together for some time, but Heath's solo albums featured limited examples of their duets.

This album is different, though, featuring times when Heath takes the lead, times when Molly takes the lead and times when they share the load equally.

Kind of like a marriage.

"Hypocrisy" opens the record with a the folky sound Heath has been playing for several years, mixed with funky undertones of his earlier life in the band Underground Vibe.

The track gets the record moving nicely.

The title track comes early on the record and sets the tone for the album and the couple's message.

Through mostly calm, peaceful music, Heath and Molly ask deeper questions of life and an often insincere society.

The record is mainly one to put on, relax and simply lose yourself in. While Heath and Molly both have outstanding voices in their own right, the interplay of their voices is best of all. While two good singers can often find ways to sound good together, knowing it's a husband and wife in this case makes the harmonies sound even better.

My spin: B+

"TRUTH?" was three years in the making for Heath and Molly. The labor of love seems to have been worth the wait.

Through nine originals and couple of lively covers, they have produced an album to truly be proud of.

The album is available online through iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and other major online distributors. It can also be heard on Spotify, Pandora and other streaming websites.