Letter to the Editor

Health fair participants acknowledged

Friday, May 3, 2013

To the Editor:

I would like to thank the following for participating in South Putnam School Corporation's annual Third-Grade Health Fair on Wednesday, April 17: Operation Life, Tammy Page with Family Support Services, Christine and Darrel with the Putnam County Board of Health, Alia Hazel with Tobacco Education, Dr. John Hennette and his dental care team, Penny Long with Zumba, Sgt. Adam Edwards with the Indiana State Police and Mr. and Mrs. Sheffler with Nutrition and Exercise.

A very special thank you to the Central Elementary fourth-grade students who performed a skit on bullying under the direction of Ms. Corey Brackney. I also want to thank Central Elementary and Fillmore Elementary cafeterias for providing lunch.

Thank you so much to the ones who donated door prizes: Eitel's Flowers, Papa John's, Chicago's, Family Support Services, McDonald's, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Deaton, Mrs. Cotton, Mrs. Cash, Mrs. McCammack, Mrs. Barham and the Putnam County Mental Health Society, the American Cancer Society, Mr. Griswald and the South Putnam Athletic Department and to Ms. Atkinson.

I would like to extend a special thank you to Garl's Bikes for their generous donation of a bicycle.

Once again, our health fair has been a huge success due to all of you sharing your time, talents and gifts with us. Thank you so much!

Rita Bain

School Nurse