Letter to the Editor

Walmart makes a difference for Women's Ministries

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

To the Editor:

An open thank you to Walmart Distribution Center:

The Center for Women's Ministries wishes to gratefully acknowledge the donation of time and materials provided by employees of Walmart Distribution Center, especially Rick Alexander and Matt Harrison, for the numerous hours of planning and hard work that you provided to our Cloverdale location at 404 N. Main St.

Their efforts enable our organization to more effectively meet the needs of hurting women within our county communities, as well as occasionally assisting those in surrounding counties.

The updates and modifications to our center in Cloverdale were much needed and it is gratifying to know that Walmart is giving back to the community in causes such as the Center for Women's Ministries, a service organization that helps hurting women by offering Bible studies, support groups, and free peer counseling, and enables us to act as a clearinghouse for needed resource information, and clothing via our fundraising garage sales.

The Center for Women's Ministries is a non-profit organization with two locations in the county, Cloverdale and Greencastle. Each provides needed resources and free peer counseling for women.

For more information, call our Cloverdale office at 404 N. Main St, 765-795-6774 or the Greencastle Center for Women's Ministries, 1224 Bloomington St., 765-653-3345.

Thank you, Walmart Distribution, for your efforts on our behalf. Your donation of time and resources is very much appreciated by us and the community.

Putnam County Center

for Women's Ministries

Brenda Reed, Director

Pat Birkemeier,

Administrative Coordinator