Court News for Nov. 15

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The following cases were filed in Putnam County courts recently.

Criminal Cases

Wilmary Cruz Whitaker, 37, Greencastle, Class A misdemeanor domestic battery

Gregory A. Clossman, 54, Covina, Calif., Class C misdemeanor driving while intoxicated and Class C infraction open container violation

Michael A. Iabell, 29, Cloverdale, Class 6 felony possession of methamphetamine and Class A misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia

Citations and Infractions

Kandice B. Berg, 44, Danville, speeding

Spencer A. Black, 20, Avon, speeding

Lonnie R. Bryant Jr., 38, Fillmore, speeding and driving without financial responsibility

Shawn R. Bussing, 27, Reelsville, driving without financial responsibility and speeding

Brandy L. Chesterson, 35, Terre Haute, speeding

Angela K. Clevenger, 51, Greencastle, speeding

Kandi R. Collins, 33, Cloverdale, speeding

Paul K. Conley, 57, Clayton, speeding

Christopher A. Conner, 39, Terre Haute, speeding

Jordan D. Cook, 25, Plainfield, speeding

Floyd S. Coon Jr., 57, Greencastle, speeding

Jason M. Craig, 40, Terre Haute, speeding

Robert G. Cundiff, 59, Terre Haute, speeding

Eric A. Davis, 46, Fillmore, speeding

Tiffany L. Dust, 22, New Haven, Mich., speeding

Steven R. McElroy, 62, Noblesville, speeding

Devon A. O'Bryant, 19, Indianapolis, speeding

Tammie J. Reintjes, 32, Sullivan, speeding

Anthony F. Rosicato, 53, Greenwood, speeding

Kyle B. Johnson, 29, Cloverdale, speeding

Christopher L. Kleck, 44, Fishers, speeding

Floyd S. Smith, 78, Terre Haute, speeding

William A. Thomas, 24, Indianapolis, speeding

Robert K. Watkins, 67, Terre Haute, speeding

Carl F. Wethington, 52, Reelsville, speeding

Theirra Dehn, 33, Indianapolis speeding

Rachael A. Engle, 17, Russellville, speeding

Nikki T. Tran, 46, Brazil, speeding

Lydia M. Kempson, 21, Carmel, speeding

Dillion S. Delabarre, 22, East Enatchee, Wash., speeding

Jason A. Overholtz, 37, Martinsville, speeding

Andrew D. Dryden, 29, Seymour, speeding

John W. Applegate, 21, Attica, speeding

John S. Henning, 56, Westminster, Colo., speeding

Gregory S. Mirise, 43, Avon, speeding

Ross Jacob Tyler, 19, Raleigh, N.C., speeding

Destiny D. McGee, 20, Terre Haute, speeding

Floyd H. Carnes, 65, Shelburn, speeding

Sunny G. Gomas, 22, Terre Haute, speeding

Judith A. Schneider, 72, Danville, speeding

Samantha J. Atwood, 17, Cloverdale, speeding

Richard L. Kirchoff, 61, Vincennes, speeding

Civil Cases

Bank of New York Mellon vs. Corey Cross

First National Bank vs. Ashak Bharagava, Ashutosh Corporation, Fairway Outdoor Funding, Harbhajan Signg Bajwa and Harbhupinder Bains

Small Claims

Sunflower RRR LLC vs. Brandon Higgins


Jessica Ashlee Keck and Kyle Alan Keck