Letter to the Editor

Notes on the political scene

Thursday, May 19, 2016

To the Editor:

Note to Sarah Palin and other Trump supporters:

Apparently it is okay for Donald to "say it like it is." But, it is not okay for Speaker Ryan to "say it like it is."

Note to all presidential candidates:

You knew, or should have known, what the rules are for delegates to the conventions. So quit crying about it because things did not go your way.

Note to all Republican candidates:

President Obama and President Bill Clinton are not candidates for any elective office in this election.

Note to those in both parties calling for a third-party candidate:

Good luck. Especially seeing as how the deadline for being on the ballot in several states has already passed.

Note to Trump supporters who keep talking about "the will of the people."

Overall, Donald Trump got the support of only 35-40 percent of those voting in the Republican primary. Which represents only five percent of all eligible voters in the United States. An in the end, more of them voted for someone else than for him.

And finally, a note to Donald Trump:

Given statements that you have made in the past and in this campaign, I can't help but laugh every time you call someone a liar. Especially when they are quoting you and have the audio or video to back it up.

Dan Miller