Sharks again rule WIC swimming

Sunday, January 22, 2017
Greencastle's girls won the WIC title on Saturday.
Banner Graphic/Joey Bennett

TERRE HAUTE — Kent Menzel’s day job is being a professor of communication and theatre at DePauw, so he can appreciate good drama.

Based upon the seeded times entering Saturday’s Western Indiana Conference meet at the Vigo County Aquatic Center, Greencastle was not favored to repeat its two titles earned last winter in its inaugural year in the WIC.

The Tiger Sharks ended a suspenseful day with a dramatic pair of victories, remaining perfect in WIC meets.

Kent Menzel (center) enjoys a post-meet swim following his team's WIC title on Saturday.
Banner Graphic/Joey Bennett

“We went into the meet knowing that we needed to score up in as many events as we could, and that is what we ended up doing from start to finish,” he said. “I could not possibly be more proud of our Tiger Sharks. We talked on Friday about every place that we could make moves, and with surgical precision they executed the plan.”

Menzel felt the boys’ 200-yard freestyle, the meet’s second event, turned the meet around.

“We were seeded seventh, 11th, and 14th in that event, and we came out of it sixth, seventh and eighth with stunning lifetime bests from Ben Parsons, Sal Martoglio, and Donovan Asbell,” he said. “It was an amazing turnaround.

“After that, both the boys and the girls were on fire.”

Menzel thought Grace Gillen and Cecilia Pohlar had outstanding days on the girls’ side, along with his freshman sprint crew of Lavendar Crockford, Sarah Heithaus and Annie Hershberger.

Among the boys, Menzel thought the 200 free relay win was a “key swim,” but Nathan Gobert’s win in the 100 free was also an upset, and a lifetime best.

“After Preston Headley took the 100 breast with a great swim, we could finally relax a bit,” he said.

Menzel noted that seniors Gabby Selvia, Kelly Hansen and Ruth Heithaus scored a “solid block” of points in their final conference meet

“They are all great leaders for the team,” he said. “Our attention has shifted to the sectional championships, and I feel very confident that more great swims are still to come for the Sharks.”

North Putnam finished fifth in the girls’ meet and fourth in the boys’ meet, while South Putnam was fourth in the girls’ event and sixth among the boys.

South Putnam coach Anna Kendall thought her athletes swam “remarkably well” and that she was impressed to see so many substantial time drops.

“Our average time drop across swims was over 4.5 seconds, which is pretty incredible,” she said. “I was really proud of the team effort put forth overall, the way the team stayed in the meet to the end, and the great attitude they bring to competition. 

Kendall thought her swimmers had a lot of standout performances, but noted Jared Seidler and Eric Hinkle were two of the best.

“They had incredible swims every time they were in the pool and demonstrated amazing poise and perseverance. We still have a lot of room to grow technically, so we’ll keep working at that, but we’re eager to see what they can do after resting for the sectional.”

Greencastle's boys won the WIC swimming title on Saturday.
Banner Graphic/Joey Bennett

Girls’ team scores — Greencastle 377, Indian Creek 375, Cascade 369, South Putnam 221, North Putnam 212, Edgewood 163, Owen Valley 148, West Vigo 88.

Boys’ team scores – Greencastle 392, Indian Creek 364, Edgewood 300, North Putnam 271, Cascade 269, South Putnam 209, West Vigo 125, Owen Valley 49.

Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay – 1, Indian Creek ‘A’ 1:50.85M. 2, Greencastle ‘A’ (Meyer, Abigail C SO, Lewis, Sydney SO, Hansen, Kelly SR, Heithaus, Sarah FR), 2:05.41, 4, North Putnam High School ‘A’ (Spencer, Abby JR, Willis, Lainey SO, Dill, Krissy JR, Louis Tori SO), 2:12.72. 5. South Putnam (Wells, Keira FR, Fanning, Alex JR,Chambers, Masey JR, Timberman, Evvie FR), 2:17.83.

Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay – 1, Indian Creek ‘A’ (Reed, Nolan P JR, Brock, Tucker JR, Carlson, Danny SO, Key, Clay FR), 1:44.18M. 2, Greencastle ‘A’ (Romer, Jack JR, Headley, Matthew JR, Riggle, Jack FR, Gobert, Nathan SR), 1:46.73M 4, South Putnam ‘A’ (Seidler, Jared JR, Laskowski, Tom SO, Hinkle, Eric SO, Hutcheson, Jake JR), 1:55.42. 5, North Putnam ‘A’ (Timm, Markus SR, Young, Kyle FR, Arnold, Dylan JR, Young, Nick SR) 1:56.65.

Girls 200 Yard Freestyle – 1, Keymon, Sam K (IC) 2:00.83M. 2, Gillen, Grace M, (G), 2:04.90M. 3, Spencer, Abby, (NP), 2:12.13. 6, Heithaus, Ruth A, (G), 2:19.91. Selvia, Gabrielle M, (G), 2:28.91. 11, Wells, Keira, (SP), 2:32.22. 12, Haywood, Alicia, (SP), 2:34.26. 15, VanRensselaer, Malachi, (SP) 2:44.98. 18, Hensley, Taylor, (NP), 3:09.24.

Boys 200 Yard Freestyle – 1, Young, Nick, (NP), 1:49.60M. 5, Timm, Markus, (NP), 2:04.58. 6, Parsons, Ben L, (G), 2:08.17. 7, Asbell, Donovan, (G), 2:09.45. 8, Martoglio, Sal L, (G), 2:09.56. 12, Faudree, Alex, (SP), 2:16.93. 15, Carr, Andrew, (SP), 2:19.04. 16, Novak, Dustin, (NP), 2:25.40. 19, Laskowski, Tom, (SP), 2:55.83.

Girls 200 Yard IM – 1, McCormick, Lori C, (IC) 2:14.68M. 3, Pohlar, Cecilia A, (G), 2:32.11. 5, Dill, Krissy, (NP) 2:43.51. 6, Lewis, Sydney R, (G), 2:46.45. 7, Chambers, Masey, (SP), 2:47.41. 9, Fanning, Alex, (SP), 2:54.67. 10, Willis, Lainey, (NP), 2:56.20. 11, Dixon, Morgan, (SP), 3:06.56. 15, Weeks, Catherine, (G), 3:25.38.

Boys 200 Yard IM – 1, Reed, Nolan P, (IC) 2:03.08M. 3, Hutcheson, Jake, (SP), 2:22.04. 5, Lewis, Cameron B, (G), 2:24.36. 6, Romer, Jack, (G), 2:26.10. 9, Arnold, Dylan, (NP), 2:35.61. 10, Foss, Jakob R, (G), 2:36.10. 11, Trotter, Matthew, (NP), 2:39.61. 13, Pitts, Justin, (SP), 3:10.96.

Girls 50 Yard Freestyle – 1, Ratzlaff, Bella R, (IC) 25.13M. 4, Crockford, Lavendar, (G), 28.51. 7, Timberman, Evvie, (SP), 29.01. 8, Hershberger, Annie, (G), 29.35. 9, Louie, Tori, (NP), 29.56. 11, Marcum, Christina, (SP), 30.54. 13, Trotter, Madison, (NP), 31.20. 16, Zamora, Sabina, (SP), 32.51. 17, Couch, Savannah, (NP), 33.87.

Boys 50 Yard Freestyle – 1, Brock, Tucker R, (IC) 22.68M. 2, Gobert, Nathan P, (G), 23.18. 4, Riggle, Jack B, (G), 23.71. 6, Seidler, Jared, (SP), 23.88. 12, Ruble, Chase, (NP) 26.56. 14, Vandermark, Logan, (SP), 27.11. 16, Matthews, Dalton, (G), 27.55. 17, Bunten, Blake, (NP), 28.65. 19, Wunderlich, Cameron, (NP), 29.50. 20, Neumann, Ryan, (SP), 29.80.

Girls 1 mtr Diving – 1, Blackburn, Lexi (C) 441.75M.

Boys 1 mtr Diving – 1, Trent, Branden (Cw) 430.55M. 4, Ruble, Chase (NP), 241.75. 6, Kendall, Jackson (G) 182.25.

Girls 100 Yard Butterfly – 1, Allison, Payton N, (IC) 1:02.86. 4, Hansen, Kelly L, (G), 1:12.44. 5, Selvia, Gabrielle M, (G), 1:16.60. 6, Dill, Krissy, (NP), 1:16.68. 8, Hershberger, Annie, (G), 1:22.18. 12, Teipen, Abby, (SP), 1:32.99. 13, Wells, Makenna, (SP), 1:41.18. 14, Hawkins, Elizabeth, (SP), 1:54.05.

Boys 100 Yard Butterfly – 1, Brock, Tucker R, (IC) 53.74M. 2, Riggle, Jack B, (G) 58.67. 4, Young, Kyle, (NP) 1:01.31. 7, Hinkle, Eric, (SP), 1:05.15. 10, Foss, Jakob R, (G), 1:10.33. 11, Trotter, Matthew, (NP), 1:15.04. 12, White, Michael R, (G), 1:15.84.

Girls 100 Yard Freestyle – 1, Wilhoit, Alexis L, (IC) 53.77M. 2, Pohlar, Cecilia A, (G), 58.63. 4, Crockford, Lavendar, (G) 1:02.45. 6, Meyer, Abigail C, (G), 1:03.87. 7, Louie, Tori, (NP), 1:05.60. 10, Louie, Gabby, (NP), 1:07.21. 13, Marcum, Christina, (SP), 1:10.38. 16. Zamora, Sabina, (SP), 1:12.29. 17, Trotter, Madison, (NP), 1:13.97.20, Becker, Angelina, (SP), 1:24.34.

Boys 100 Yard Freestyle – 1, Gobert, Nathan P, (G), 51.34. 5, Headley, Matthew P, (G), 52.23. 8, Martoglio, Sal L, (G), 57.38. 12, Arnold, Dylan, (NP), 1:00.50. 13, Vandermark, Logan, (SP), 1:00.68. 14, Ruble, Chase, (NP), 1:04.84. 15, Bunten, Blake, (NP), 1:06.53. 20, Pitts, Justin, (SP), 1:08.67. 22, Lorimer, David, (SP), 1:21.03. Girls

500 Yard Freestyle – 1, Allison, Payton N, (IC) 5:23.00M. 3, Gillen, Grace M, (G), 5:44.27M. 4, Spencer, Abby, (NP), 5:59.33. 9, Heithaus, Ruth A, (G), 6:22.30. 11, Haywood, Alicia, (SP) 6:49.05. 12, Timberman, Evvie, (SP) 6:49.67. 14, Dibble, Kaitlyn, (G), 7:17.20. 16, VanRensselaer, Malachi, (SP), 7:38.20.

Boys 500 Yard Freestyle – 1, Hart, Cody L, (IC) 5:01.75M. 2, Young, Nick, (NP), 5:04.58M. 4, Hutcheson, Jake, (SP), 5:41.72. 5, Thompson, Tyler, (NP), 5:48.93. 6, Parsons, Ben L, (G) 5:55.10. 9, Asbell, Donovan, (G), 6:11.03. 11, Faudree, Alex, (SP), 6:14.37. 14, Howard, Jack C, (G), 7:00.96. 15, Neumann, Ryan, (SP), 7:36.43.

Girls 200 Yard Freestyle Relay – 1, Indian Creek ‘A’ 1:45.15M. 2, Greencastle ‘A’ (Gillen, Grace M JR, Crockford, Lavendar FR, Heithaus, Sarah FR, Pohlar, Cecilia SR), 1:49.68. North Putnam ‘A’ (Louie, Gabby SO, Couch, Savannah JR, Trotter, Madison FR, Willis, Lainey SO), 2:08.32. 5, South Putnam ‘A’ (Marcum, Christina SO, VanRensselaer, Malachi SO, Zamora, Sabina, Timberman, Evvie (FR), 2:08.34.

Boys 200 Yard Freestyle Relay – 1, Greencastle ‘A’ (Riggle, Jack B FR, Lewis, Cameron SR, Headley, Matthew JR, Gobert, Nathan SR, 1:33.22M. 5, North Putnam ‘A’ (Bunten, Blake FR, Thompson, Tyler JR, Wunderlich, Cameron SR, Ruble, Chase SR), 1:53.80. 6, South Putnam ‘A’ (Carr, Andrew SO, Pitts, Justin JR, Neumann, Ryan JR, Vandermark, Logan SR), 1:54.45.

Girls 100 Yard Backstroke – 1, Wilhoit, Alexis L, (IC) 57.45M 3, Meyer, Abigail C, (G), 1:11.17. 5, Louie, Gabby, (NP), 1:15.09. 6, Chambers, Masey, (SP), 1:15.24. 9, Wells, Keira, (SP), 1:17.84. 11, Dixon, Morgan, (SP), 1:23.71. 12, Freije, Lauren, (NP), 1:25.08. 14, Dibble, Kaitlyn, (G), 1:27.01. 16, Weeks, Catherine, (G), 1:34.70.

Boys 100 Yard Backstroke – 1, Reed, Nolan P, (IC) 55.44M. 3, Romer, Jack, (G), 1:05.02. 4, Timm, Markus, (NP), 1:06.54. 5, Thompson, Tyler, (NP), 1:06.68. 6, Hinkle, Eric, (SP), 1:07.93. 10, Carter, Henry D, (G), 1:14.34. 11, Howard, Jack C, (G), 1:20.95. 12, Carr, Andrew (SP), 1:22.70. 16, Lorimer, David, (SP), 1:44.65.

Girls 100 Yard Breaststroke – 1, McCormick, Lori C, (IC) 1:08.24M. 3, Fanning, Alex, (SP), 1:15.77. 6, Lewis, Sydney R, (G), 1:18.73. 7, Heithaus, Sarah E, (G), 1:23.90. 9, Teipen, Abby, (SP), 1:26.90. 10, Hansen, Kelly L, (G), 1:27.71. 18, McCammack, Kate, (SP) 1:51.23. 19, Abner, Kaelynn, (NP), 1:59.71. 20, Hensley, Taylor (NP), 2:15.98.

Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke – 1, Headley, Matthew P, (G) 1:07.04. 2, Seidler, Jared, (SP) 1:10.25. 4, Young, Kyle, (NP) 1:12.87. 5, Lewis, Cameron B, (G), 1:15.19. 7, White, Michael R, (G), 1:19.01. 10, Novak, Dustin, (NP), 1:22.90. 12, Laskowski, Tom, (SP), 1:23.67.

Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay – 1, Indian Creek ‘A’ 3:47.66M. 2, Greencastle ‘A’ (Gillen, Grace M JR, Crockford, Lavendar FR, Lewis, Sydney SO, Pohlar, Cecilia SR), 4:03.92. 4, North Putnam ‘A’ (Louie, Tori SO, Dill, Krissy JR, Freije, Lauren SR, Spencer, Abby JR), 4:25.60. 7, South Putnam ‘A’ (Chambers, Masey JR, Teipen, Abby FR, Wells, Keira FR, Marcum, Christina SO), 4:52.62.

Boys 400 Yard Freestyle Relay – 1, Indian Creek ‘A’ 3:22.01M. 3, North Putnam ‘A’ (Young, Nick SR, Young, Kyle FR, Arnold, Dylan JR, Timm, Markus SR), 3:44.94. 4, South Putnam ‘A’ (Hutcheson, Jake JR, Vandermark, Logan SR, Hinkle, Eric SO, Seidler, Jared JR), 3:45.49. 5, Greencastle ‘A’ (Romer,Jack JR, Martoglio, Sal FR, Parsons, Ben SO, Lewis, Cameron SR), 3:45.70.

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