Cummins wins at LPS: Newgent place first again

Monday, September 4, 2017
Greencastle's Jonny Newgent was the repeat champion in the UMP Super Stock division Saturday night at Lincoln Park Speedway.
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PUTNAMVILLE – Kyle Cummins added his name to the list of drivers that have earned the “King of Non-Wing” sprint car title at Lincoln Park Speedway.

The Princeton native topped 43 other drivers that were on hand to edge out Brent Beauchamp and AJ Hopkins for the 30-lap victory.

Despite surprisingly cool temperatures on Saturday evening at the Putnamville oval, Terre Haute’s Kenny Carmichael Jr. enjoyed a double dip. Carmichael roared away from defending champion Josh Litton on a late restart to win the bomber feature.

The victory came not long after he got past Jake Leitzman in the final laps to record his third UMP Modified win of the season.

Greencastle’s Jonny Newgent dominated late in the UMP Super Stock main event to win his second straight A-main in the division.

CJ Leary and Jerry Coons Jr. started on the front row of the sprint car main event with 30 laps separating drivers from a large payday.

Coons would lead early on with Leary and Cummins in tow, but Leary and Jeff Bland Jr. would tangle in turn two to bring out a caution. The mishap sent Leary to restart at the tail as Bland’s night came to an end on lap 10.

On the restart, Beauchamp had made his way into competition alongside Cummins as Casey Shuman entered the fray after starting 12th. By lap 14, Beauchamp had tracked down Coons and made the pass for the lead. However, nothing was certain at this point.

Coons immediately pulled back to Beauchamp’s nerf bar with Cummins closely in tow ahead of Shane Cottle and Shuman. Hopkins and Dave Darland were close behind, fighting for sixth position.

At the halfway mark, Cummins roared into the lead after a brief three-way scrum for the point. Cummins snagged the top spot on lap 20 as Coons began to fade.

A final caution with eight laps to go set up a final dash to the finish, but Cummins was up to the task. He got a strong jump as the green flag waved and Beauchamp’s last ditch attempt coming into turn four had him jump the cushion. Cummins grew his lead as Beauchamp recovered quickly, but the gap was too great. Hopkins cruised home third ahead of Shuman and Cottle.

In the secondary sprint feature, Joe Ligouri got past Jamie Williams on lap 16 and then pulled away to top Matt McDonald at the finish line. Rob Caho Jr., Williams and Adam Wilfong made up the top-five.

In the UMP Modified main event, Paragon’s Jake Leitzman had designs on scoring his first UMP Modified win at LPS, but Carmichael Jr. had other ideas.

Leitzman took the lead on lap nine after a battle with Carmichael and built a solid lead by lap 15. However, a caution reset the field and Carmichael took advantage, pulling alongside Leitzman and making the pass out of turn two. Jeff Deckard got past Josh McDaniel to place third with Richie Lex claiming the fifth spot.

In the UMP Super Stock feature, Newgent and Doug McCullough were door-to-door through the opening 10 laps as Wes McClara and Chris Hillman in tow. Newgent found an opening on the bottom heading into turn three as McCullough slipped midway up the track. Newgent shot through the hole and didn’t look back over the final seven circuits.

Newgent pulled away to the win. McCullough, Hillman, McClara and Paul Wright made up the top five.

In the 28-car main event for bombers, Carmichael got to the lead after starting second and was able to navigate lapped traffic and several late cautions to pick up the bomber win in the Carlos Bumgardner-owned No. 8 car.

Litton and Cody Wright battled side-by-side over the final five laps as Jordan Almanza followed closely and eventually made the pass for the third finishing position. Wright took fourth as Tom Cox came home fifth overall.

**‘King of Non-wing’ sprint car feature

1. Kyle Cummins, 2. Brent Beauchamp, 3. AJ Hopkins, 4. Casey Shuman, 5. Shane Cottle, 6. Dave Darland, 7. Scotty Weir, 8. Brady Short, 9. Brandon Mattox, 10. CJ Leary, 11. Stevie Sussex III, 12. Tim Creech, 13. Travis Berryhill, 14. Ken Christian, 15. Scott Hampton, 16. Jerry Coons, 17. JJ Hughes, 18. Koby Barksdale, 19. Nate McMillin, 20. Billy Cribbs, 21. Jeff Bland Jr., 22. Isaac Chapple

Second sprint feature

1. Joe Ligouri, 2. Matt McDonald, 3. Rob Caho Jr., 4. Jamie Williams, 5. Adam Wilfong, 6. Jeff Wimmenaver, 7. Brandon Spencer, 8. Jake Gordon, 9. Lee Underwood, 10. Eric Burns, 11. Ben McMurray, 12. Alec Sipes, 13. Mitchell Davis, 14. Brent Stapp, 15. Danny Harris, 16. Patrick Budde, 17. Bill James, 18. Jadon Rogers, 19. Bobby Griffitts, 20. Shelby VanGilder, 21. Chad Davenport, 22. Harley Burns

UMP Modified feature

1. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 2. Jake Leitzman, 3. Jeff Deckard, 4. Josh McDaniel, 5. Richie Lex, 6. Josh Boller, 7. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 8. Tyler Loughmiller, 9. Brent Hudson, 10. Rob Brickert, 11. Sydney Landes, 12. Paul Bumgardner, 13. Michael Fish, 14. RJ Pruitt, 15. Dave Popielarz, 16. Michael Beatty, 17. Scott Ricketts, 18. Michael Kettnich, 19. Derek Groomer, 20. Jay Humphrey Jr.

UMP Super Stock feature

1. Jonny Newgent, 2. Doug McCullough, 3. Chris Hillman, 4. Wes McClara, 5. Paul Wright, 6. Chris Harcourt, 7. Kris Starks, 8. Kenny Fields, 9. Matt Jordan, 10. Chucky Walden, 11. Jeff Starks, 12. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 13. CJ Bryan

Bomber feature

1. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 2. Josh Litton, 3. Jordan Almanza, 4. Cody Wright, 5. Tom Cox, 6. Megan Cavaness, 7. Jeff Beggs, 8. David Wallen, 9. David Bumgardner, 10. Travis Heramb, 11. Josh Foxworthy, 12. Scott Tidwell, 13. Devin Wallen, 14. Keivan Clodfelter, 15. Jeff Allen, 16. Matt Raber, 17. Corey Anstead, 18. Kyle Prince, 19. Joseph Raber, 20. Sean Yakel, 21. Larry Cowan, 22. Donald Smiley, 23. Glen Ogden, 24. Seth Powell, 25. David Kikendall, 26. CJ Bryan, 27. Bob Farris, 28. David Daniels

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