Salad Days

Saturday, October 28, 2017
Serving an apple and pear salad with feta cheese and spiced pecans to Geneva McCammack, server Xavier Pagan, a North Putnam High School student attending the Area 30 Career Center Culinary Arts class, gets the first Ivy Gallery luncheon of the school year under way Friday. Diners like Ann Clark (left) enjoy an entree of tart cranberry chicken with rice and choice of desserts that include a pumpkin spiced latte cupcake cleverly made in a coffee mug.
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Meanwhile, Gus Manion of Greencastle refills Florence Ensorís coffee as Rick Woodall and his grandmother enjoy the luncheon outing. The next Ivy Gallery lunch -- created, cooked and served by Area 30 students -- is set for Friday, Nov. 10.
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