Court News for May 25, 2019

Friday, May 24, 2019

The following cases were filed in Putnam County courts recently.

Criminal Cases

Brandon N. Hawkins, 26, Greencastle, Class B misdemeanor reckless driving/passing school bus when arm is extended

Demarco J. Henry, 22, Indianapolis, Class A misdemeanor driving with a BAC of .15 or more, Class C misdemeanor driving while intoxicated

Kevin R. Comfort, 57, Martinsville, Class C misdemeanor driving with a BAC of .08 or more, Class C misdemeanor driving while intoxicated

Rene B. L. Belis, 42, Greencastle, Class A misdemeanor driving while intoxicated endangering a person, Class C misdemeanor driving while intoxicated

Jacob D. Cherry, 27, Greencastle, Class C misdemeanor driving while intoxicated, Class C misdemeanor driving with a BAC of .08 or more

Brayden M. Thomas, 20, Paragon, Class A misdemeanor criminal trespass, Class B misdemeanor criminal mischief

Ronda R. Lewis, 50, Brazil, Class A misdemeanor driving with a suspended license

Lindsay K. Brown, 27, Camby, Class B misdemeanor possession of marijuana

Earl Nicholson, 30, Cloverdale, Class A driving with a suspended license

John B. Michael, 71, Greencastle, Class C misdemeanor driving while intoxicated

Amber D. Neese, 34, Greencastle, Class A misdemeanor leaving the scene of a property-damage crash

Jacqueline M. Orme, 36, Rosedale, Class B misdemeanor harassment by means of a telephone call

Samantha J. Gordon, 28, Indianapolis, driving with a suspended license

Citations and Infractions

Robert M. Sawyer, 34, Roachdale, excessive fumes or smoke from motor vehicle

Skyler K. Parks, 32, Greencastle, driving with expired plates

Cheryl Ann Todd, 53, Brazil, speeding

Thomas Curdt, 19, St. Louis, driving wrong way on one-way road

Mackenzi L. Walters, 41, Ladoga, seat belt violation

Jesse T. Phillips, 19, Coatesville, seat belt violation

Treshawn D. Poston, 24, Indianapolis, seat belt violation

William L. Sibbitt Jr., 56, Greencastle, seat belt violation

Larry W. Johnson, 59, Greencastle, seat belt violation

Robert E. Bowles, 48, Cloverdale, failure to signal for turn or lane change

Enrique Nunez, 26, Terre Haute, disregarding stop sign

Carl D. Spencer, 60, Greencastle, seat belt violation

Michael E. Grever Jr., 38, Danville, no valid driverís license

Logan J. Hodgson, 26, Danville, speeding

Kelsey L. Whybrew, 21, Columbus, Ohio, seat belt violation

April L. Tasker, 32, Fillmore, seat belt violation

Pattie L. Wilkie, 39, Terre Haute, speeding

Eddy Lee Hodo, 23, Terre Haute, seat belt violation

Andre Rhymes Jr., 24, Gary, seat belt violation

James N. Stewart, 19, Coatesville, seat belt violation

Larry D. Watkins, 58, Roachdale, speeding

Tiffany M. Scales, 33, Greencastle, driving with a suspended license, seat belt violation

Danielle N. Pate, 33, Coal City, driving with expired plates, driving without financial responsibility

Dylan B. Foster, 21, Plainfield, driving with expired plates

Jarrett S. Mohr, 22, Waldron, speeding

Bryce A. Taylor, 20, Brownsburg, decals, signs, posters, sunscreens or other non-transparent material on window, seat belt violation

James W. Kirby, 69, Spencer, seat belt violation, no valid driverís license

Ashleigh G. Nepote, 19, Cloverdale, no valid driverís license

Charles W. Green Jr., 37, Fillmore, disregarding stop sign

Shaunna L. McIntire, 18, Brazil, seat belt violation

Brandy L. Weaver, 32, Poland, seat belt violation

Carol A. Tillberry, 48, Cloverdale, driving with a suspended license

Richard L. Campbell, 48, Reelsville, driving with a suspended license

Nikolas J. Fariello, 27, Brazil, seat belt violation

Cedric L. Clark, 49, Carolina Beach, N.C., speeding

Gregory D. Williams, 56, Cloverdale, seat belt violation

Martika A. Lawson, 27, Greencastle, speeding

John C. Silvers, 43, Brazil, seat belt violation

Raymond E. Keck, 81, Roachdale, seat belt violation

Donald D. Reinking, 52, Coatesville, seat belt violation

Cynthia R. Reinking, 44, Quincy, seat belt violation

Brent W. King, 44, Terre Haute, speeding

Jean M. Fisher-Dreihs, 67, Greencastle, speeding

Gina Jines, 57, Indianapolis, speeding

Justin R. Snider, 38, Brownsburg, seat belt violation

Jeremy W. Ragan, 39, Mulberry, littering

Jacob M. Gibson, 23, Gosport, speeding

Kennedy G. Sabin, 21, Fenton, Mo., speeding

Britnee N. Jackson, 26, Freedom, driving without financial responsibility, registration and display of registration violation

Marriage Licenses

Cody L. Wilson and Daphne S. Whitaker, both of Greencastle

Madonna D. McElwee, Coatesville, and Trystien Lee Boswell, Cloverdale

Jessica Mowery and Kurtis Kyle, Cloverdale

Jeffrey Ryan Cunningham and Julie Gutierez Perez, both of Greencastle

Beth L. Wilburn and Daniel Thomas Dunahoo, both of Greencastle

Beatrice Catherine Stewart and James Aaron McGaughey, both of Russellville

Austin Gray and Kaili Smith, both of Greencastle

Dustin William Huber and Danielle Irene Grounds, both of Cloverdale

Randall Kane Warren and Lisa Dawn Deal, both of Greencastle

Braden Jeron Pershing and Madison Moire Trout, both of Greencastle

David Robert Dietz and Ana Christine Field, both of Chicago

Belissa Ruth York and Jeremy OíConner, both of Greencastle

Nancy Rene Murphy and Brodrick David Pelham, both of Greencastle

Jason Hunsicker, Cloverdale, and Crystal George, Plainfield

Christina Diane Gibbs, Greencastle, and Kyle Alan McCammon, Cloverdale


Cory Newman, Greencastle, and Keegan Newman, Hubert, S.C.

Small Claims

Jerett Query vs. Patrick Scott

William Moore vs. Christy Jones