Fourth grade students prepare emergency kits

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Fourth grade students in Michelle Hendershot’s class at Tzouanakis Intermediate School recently fnished a unit on natural disasters and how to prepare for them. Each student in the online class made a disaster kit for their family to prepare for any emergency that might occur.

The students learned about disasters that happen around the world and then narrowed it down to disasters that could likely happen in Greencastle.

Kids studied kit making by playing a digital game online at The students also were able to use the site to find items around their homes to use in building their kits.

The students in Hendershot’s class want to help people in our community be prepared. Things that could happen in Indiana include, tornadoes, fires, small earthquakes, floods and blizzards. Your family should be prepared for these types of situations so you can stay safe.

Families can include these items in a small box or bag. Items that should be in every home kit include, canned food, gallons of water, paper towels and toilet paper, plastic cups and paper plates or bowls, clothing, extra shoes, blankets, medicines, first aid supplies, toiletries, a can opener, a whistle, flashlights and batteries, candles, a battery radio, some cash, cards or small games for entertainment and maybe a comfort item.

Some families might need to include pet supplies or items for a baby, like diapers and formula.

These things should be kept in a location that is easy to get to.

The students really want to encourage everyone to get prepared now for an emergency. They realized they were mostly not prepared when the unit was started and guessed that many families in our community are not either.

Your family can find more information at or

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