2020 annual report highlights present, past of PCCF

Monday, May 3, 2021

Each year, the Putnam County Community Foundation publishes an annual report as a creative tool to recap the previous year and share the highlights with our donors, fund stewards, volunteers, nonprofit partners and community members.†

For nearly five months, our team has been behind the scenes pulling reports, gathering photos, interviewing grant recipients,and creating content for the 2020 Annual Report. We are excited to say the reports have begun to hit mailboxes.

We take a lot of pride in creating a report that we hope our community can utilize and reference all year long. Once again, our annual report is in a calendar format, showcasing many gems of our wonderful county.

Neysa Meyer

Readers will find snippets of stories in the report and can access full stories via scanning QR codes on each page. If you are not comfortable utilizing a QR code, no worries, you can find the links on our website.

Those who know me can attest that I am no history buff, but one of my favorite parts of this yearís report are the historical stories we showcase throughout the calendar. For example, we shared stories about the first fund established in 1986 and the first grant awarded the following year.

One of my primary sources for the historical spotlights was Inspiring the Giving Spirit, published by Malcolm Romine and Elaine Peck, to honor the Community Foundationís 25th Anniversary in 2010.

As I dug deeper into the history, I quickly realized that we must continue to document the milestones and achievements just like Malcolm and Elaine did as a way to preserve the Community Foundationís rich history.

Toward the end of the report, readers will find a snapshot of historical events that led the Community Foundation to where it is today. As we worked on the timeline for the report, our team wanted to ensure that history was captured in a format that will live on for years to come.

You can now access a complete timeline of the Community Foundationís history and monumental events on our website, www.pcfoundation.org.†

We hope you enjoy the 2020 annual report as much as we enjoyed creating it. If you have not received your copy of the annual report yet, please let our team know by calling 653-4978. We would love to send one to you.

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