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Monday, Aug. 29, 2016
Marvin's delivers to the delivery room (08/22/16)

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Talk about something fishy (08/01/11)

Hurricane names in the eye of the storm (07/20/11) 1

No joy in Mudville, the Casey jury has struck out (07/06/11) 3

A shot of courage with a beer chaser (06/23/11) 2

In the heat of the moment, it happens (06/14/11) 2

'Killer' we hardly knew ye (05/24/11) 2

He's a 'Super Size' hero (05/17/11)

When you need to laugh, squeal like a Stooge (05/11/11)

Ding-dong the witch is dead sure, but where's he been? (05/02/11) 1

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Jeopardy!,' laundromats and party schools (04/19/11)

Good reason to bleed Butler blue (04/01/11)

Showing your ID; it's in the cards (03/23/11)

A native of Chicago and a graduate of the University of Missouri, Eric Bernsee has enjoyed residing in Greencastle for more than 25 years. Years of consuming McDonald's iced teas, Dairy Castle flurries and Marvin's GCBs have helped make him the man he is today.
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